• Congressman Matt Rosendale Threatened, Leaving Public Service

    By Staff
    March 8, 2024

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    In an unfortunately development, Matt Rosendale is leaving public service after death threats against his family and other forms of negative pressure.

    This is a severe loss to the MAGA agenda.

    The Montana Sentinel is informed there are other America First candidates looking to replace Rosendale on the ticket.

    Control of the House of Representatives in 2025 will be crucial to preventing future impeachment attempts.

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    I am both sickened and heart broken. Matt has been there for us,our country, and for our future generations.God Bless Matt Rosensale and his family.


    Yes he has! I concur with you Colson.

    Anne M Reiser

    Horrible that this evil has happened to his family. Keep them all in your prayers. We have lost a great PATRIOT in congress.

    1. He dropped out of the Senate race because he was losing and wasn't getting any funding.
    2. A politician never tells the truth; something else is behind this decision.
    3. 14 years is long enough; time for someone new.
    4. He has shown his cowardice; good riddance.
    Sally Tucker

    So outrageous!
    Anyone paying actual attention to the schemes of the RINOs (in Montana as well as in the Swamp) know damn well the goal is to fleece the GOP faithful in the name of electing a GOP Senate majority, only to ensure TESTER wins, GOP remains in the minority, and the Swampsters coninue their embezzlement and warmongering. Beta cucks.
    Rosendale is the ONLY Congressman in the last 20 years who has served We the People.
    This will not end well for Montana power brokers

    Scott Norris

    Not really the Montana backbone I expected.

    David Smith

    To serve you have to fight, not fold.
    The Democrats behind this, won.

    surly Curmudgen

    Has there been an indication of the source of these threats?

    Franz Glaus

    As horrific as this kind of in-your-face political thuggery comes across, I guarantee you it will boomerang on the enemy. Matt will be back!

    Gerald Hurst

    It is pretty obvious where these threats originate. It is a wonder to me that more of our leaders haven't been attacked.

    Jeff Jones

    It is shameful


    Matt Rosendale is a true statesman(not a politician)and patriot. It is despicable that the corrupt Deep State Democrats and RINO’s and whoever else it may be, would resort to death threats. I pray that Matt will find the resolve to finish this all important task!

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