• Flathead: Ed Byrne Exposes Deceptive PACs Who Endorse Phony “Conservative” Candidates

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    May 22, 2024
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    Originally published on Montana 1st News

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    The following (very revealing and informative) information was written by Ed Byrne Candidate running for House District 11. Byrne’s primary focus is the deception PACs promote by endorsing and promoting liberal/moderate candidates and painting them to be conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. True conservatives are always the opposite opponent from whom these phony PAC’s endorse. Do not be deceived into buying their nonsense. Byrne is out to share the truth and by doing so he hopes to protect the true conservatives who stand for honor, truth, and freedom.

    Byrne shared the following,

    “Endorsements traditionally are very good at defining a candidate and his campaign. However, we are seeing more and more moderate candidates running as Republicans and being supported by left-leaning and far-left Political Action Committees (PACs).

    Most Montanans understand there are two types/groups of Republicans in the State. Those who are Conservative or real Republicans that abide by a Party Platform, and those who claim to be but fall short of true conservative values.

    To read the remainder of the article click HERE.

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