• Trump Endorses Montana's Daines For GOP Senate Leader

    By Staff
    March 1, 2024
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    When Mitch McConnell announced his desire to step down from Senate Leadership this week, the Montana Sentinel anticipated Steve Daines would pursue the position HERE. It seems Daines' eagerness to attack Congressman Matt Rosendale had a purpose, which was to find a different candidate for the U.S. Senate from Montana who would bend to Daines' will if Tester were to lose and the GOP took the reins. Tim Sheehy was that answer, now Daines only has to announce his desire to compete for the leadership position and pray the Senate changes hands.

    This all seems liked it was baked into the cake from the start.

    One wonders if Daines knew of McConnell announcing his desire to step down and built a plan to ensure he would have the greatest chance of taking over.

    As anticipated, Former President Trump announced that Daines is his favored choice.

    What Daines did not count on was the backlash he is getting from the grassroots in Montana. Too much time in Washington, D.C. tends to disconnect politicians from the people they are supposed to serve. Daines' support for term limits are ringing hollow in Montana now.

    Sources have told the Montana Sentinel that Montana's GOP grassroots leaders are seeking good candidates to run for U.S. Senate in 2026.

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    Lawrence L

    Daines should be honest and switch to the Democrat Party

    Rich Kozlovich

    Interesting choice, that came out of nowhere. I read his history, and I'm a bit amazed the state's Republican leaders are looking to replace him in 2026. I wonder what the members think, since so often in most states the Republican state leadership is from another planet.

    The Prisoner

    That is big improvement over Red China Mitch. Daines distanced himself from Mitch and opposed the border invasion bill.


    Of course Daines knew. He is McConnell's puppy. Who are the snakes giving Trump this advice. They are precluding any change being effected. Apparently Trump is in the dark.

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