• A New Fake News Outlet Starting In Montana?

    By Staff
    February 20, 2024

    The "Last Best Place News" outlet is coming and claims to be "independent."

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    It's Copper Kings 2.0 time in Montana. Rich people fighting for control over the unwashed masses and for their personal power will be the story of 2024. Some of these self-anointed kings ride donkeys, and some ride elephants. It's much more than Tester vs. Sheehy, it's establishment Washington, D.C. vs. We the People. On one side of the aisle is Senators Daines, Tester, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Congressman Zinke and their Washington, D.C. masters. One the other side is Congressman Rosendale and the people of Montana.

    The direct consequence of this fight is most visible in Congressman Matt Rosendale stepping out of the U.S. Senate race one week after filing. Not only did Trump endorse the D.C. endorsed candidate, Senator Daines dedicated $1M in negative ads to fight Rosendale, and had $20M lined up to use against him if he stayed in the race. This is D.C. big money fighting against arguably the most popular member of Montana's congressional delegation.

    Another way to keep fighting against Montanans is to fund your own media outlet and claim to be "independent."

    Last Best Place News is not affiliated with Lastbestnews.com.

    In case you missed it, the "Last Best Place News" is coming out at the same time as the Last Best Place PAC is fighting against truth and liberty in Montana. It's treasurer is Dave Lewis and the PAC's bank is out of New York City. Lewis is a former Montana state legislator and served from 2001-2015. He was also the State Budget Director.

    Public Record

    The PAC has over $2M and the people of Montana should wonder who is funding this PAC.

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    Expenses so far only fund Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, VA based companies.

    Public Record

    Did the Last Best Place News outlet use the same big donors?

    Are they "independent?"

    They don't have a website yet, but the timing of it should cause all Montanans to be suspicious and to look at The Last Best Place News as an agenda advancing outlet, not "independent" news where they only call balls and strikes.

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    Doug Bohn

    One must question who is providing candidate endorsement recommendations to Trump!

    Plato v2.0

    See George Soros he just bought a bunch of radio stations. I'm sure print outlets are included!!!

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