• The Democrat Party Is No Longer American!

    By Staff
    July 1, 2024
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    by David Howard | Jun 30, 2024

    Foxhole Ministry

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    This party has become an ideology without character, without truth, without virtue, and without wisdom. It is an agenda of historical failure, a creed of continuing depravities that dwells in the delusion of power-seeking arrogant minds.[1] This being lies from its very nature,[2] and their aptitude is based on groundless elitism, caused by a severely disordered state of the human soul.

    Leaders of this party are predatory creatures seeking to be the rulers of the kingdom of the air,[3] the spirit of all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, violence, untrustworthy, unforgiving, haters of Christ etc.[4] with a pathological abhorrence of the very foundation of America’s Declaration of Life, Liberty,[5] and the Pursuit of happiness. This creature[6] adheres to the doctrine of demons,[7] being devoid of shame while striving to create an equal opportunity of misery, bondage,[8] and dominance over all who fall under its sphere of influence.  

    This demonic menace has to be cut out of every level of our Representative Government if America is to survive. Therefore, every God-fearing American Patriot has to expose this evil[9] by publicly speaking and standing against these creatures[10] to prevent them from any influence in the market place of ideas!

    May God Bless America!

    David Howard, Foxhole Ministry

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    Foxhole Ministry

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