• Covid-Vaccine Injured Pilot Speaks Out

    June 20, 2024
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    Prior to taking the Covid-19 vaccine, pilot Tim McAdams was a healthy individual who regularly kept up on exercise and didn't smoke, or drink alcohol. He has flown over Montana, but never been here, though he keeps hearing that it's a nice state to visit. Three weeks after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, Tim experienced two cerebellum strokes. Previously, he'd been traveling back and forth to Germany, and had no family history of strokes. Tim's doctor wrote that, "There is no doubt that the vaccine caused this injury."

    This is significant because the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) claims that they are not aware of any vaccine injuries among pilots, to this day. This has made it incredibly difficult for vaccine-injured pilots to receive any compensation for their injuries - some of which are severe. Several vaccine-injured pilots' stories have been championed by Senator Ron Johnson - pilots such as Cody Flint, Hayley Lopez, Bob Snow, and Wil Wolfe. Like those pilots who were harmed by the Covid vaccines, Tim McAdams has also not received any compensation aside from disability payments.

    Tim was mandated by the airline he worked for, to take the vaccine or lose his job. So at the time, he took the vaccine. Tim has stated that, "I regret doing it now, but at the time, I was scared for my job. Now, looking back, I'd rather be jobless and have my health." Many pilots were put in this same position, and there has been no accountability from the FAA or the airlines that pushed the vaccines.

    Tim recounted the nights of the two cerebellum strokes, explaining that the first one came in the middle of the night, when he woke up and found that he couldn't move his legs, and then started throwing up and getting dizzy. When he went to the hospital, his episode was originally diagnosed as vertigo. The night after that, it happened again. His wife called 9-1-1 and Tim was rushed to the emergency room to have an MRI. The doctor came in, and said, "You had two strokes." The strokes were caused by a blood clot, and Tim remained in the hospital for five-days' observation. During his stay, he collapsed once, experienced blood pooling and brain swelling, and underwent an emergency craniectomy. A procedure with a long, tedious recovery process.

    Tim stated that, "I consider myself lucky, because the odds of survival are against me." He recounted that he joked with the doctor, that living such a healthy lifestyle, didn't do him any good. But his doctor explained that this healthy lifestyle is what caused Tim to be able to recover from his injuries, when others most likely would not have been able to.

    Incredibly, following his injuries, he was able to pass the cognitive tests and teach pilots in a flight simulator for about a year before recognizing the adverse effects that this job was having on his health. Tim is slowly recovering his strength, though he reports that he still experiences a lot of dizziness, which is manageable as long as he is sitting down or near a wall. He has been on the X social media platform since January, and uses his presence on this platform to tell his story and help raise awareness about this issue. Tim's X user handle is @covidjabstroke and the Substack describing what Tim has gone through, can be found at: https://usfreedomflyers.substack.com/p/helicopter-and-fixed-wing-pilot-describes

    Tim's story shows the danger of the Covid vaccines and the absolute recklessness of those who imposed them on the public, without considering the consequences.

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    Leslie Soule

    Citizen journalist in Helena, Montana, who writes articles for YourNews, Western Montana News, and the Montana Sentinel.

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    Every "news agency" like this actually protects the perpetrators of the CONVID HOAX PLANDEMIC because when people like ME point out who's actually behind it? Every word is censored. So when they pen some article pretending to have pity and sympathy for these poor vaccine injured people, remember they're talking out of one side of their mouth. When people like me point out who's behind it, they ramp up the censorship. Maybe when they stop protecting the perpetrators we might get somewhere.

    Leslie Soule

    That's not fair. The Montana Sentinel hasn't censored you over any of this, and when I write about the vax injured, it is because I care about what's happened to them.


    That's what I thought.


    Wasn't there an FAA rule prohibiting pilots from flying for a set period of time after taking any sort of experimental medicine? FAA should be sued into oblivion for allowing and even promoting the bioweapon shots. Airlines should also have knowledge of that rule, and THEY should be sued as well!

    Leslie Soule


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