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    April 14, 2024
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    The jungle referred to here is Montana’s open, or, “Jungle Primary.”

    What does this mean for the local Montana voter? Simply put, it means the
    laws of the jungle apply when choosing who will represent us.

    What are the laws of the jungle? There are none. It’s “No-holds-barred!” It
    is where an individual wearing your team's uniform may actually be someone
    drafted by the opposition. All fair play in the jungle. Where dark money is
    allowed in and only accountable (maybe) after the fact and the damage is done.
    Anyone can pay their registration fee and declare whatever party affiliation
    they believe will give them the best chance of winning. The proverbial wolf in
    sheep's clothing. This invites deception. What begins in deception will undoubtedly
    end in deception.

    Has this ploy worked in state and local races? You will find the answers by
    checking the bills introduced and supported, along with the voting records of
    your current representatives. “Facts are stubborn things,” as John Adams said.

    In the Jungle, there is no integrity, no fair play. It is a kill-or-be-killed
    game. The winners take pride in their deceptive talents. This is voter beware.

    First, the populous MUST come to grips with an ominous truth: We are in a
    war for the soul of our Republic. This war has been raging for many
    generations. The enemy is tenacious, and their tactics are well-honed.
    Deception and fear are vital components. This is winner-takes-all. Who is
    this enemy? The answer can only be discovered through studying history. History
    will expose patterns of methodology and tactics.

    From history, we can identify the agenda that drives the enemies of freedom. The
    pattern that self-identifies here is the age-old enemy, Marxist-Communism. One
    will see parallels in the history of Russia and China and nearly every authoritarian
    regime. The division is the first tactic deployed by every dawning Communist or
    Marxist movement. This often begins with highlighting and empowering the
    downtrodden and deprived, regardless of how prosperous they may be, through
    bolstering their outcry, then providing the solution. This solution often takes
    the form of political status and financial support, drawing the “lesser class”
    in, only to be used as pawns against the “oppressors,” but that comes later.

    Looking locally at the Republican party, you can quickly see how effective
    this tactic can be. Why the Republican party? Great question! Long considered
    the defenders of personal freedoms and responsibilities, limited government,
    and power of the people, the republican party has historically been the
    guardian of these American values. Why isn’t the Democrat party targeted?
    Another great Question! Again, history provides us with the answer. Norman
    Thomas, a six-time presidential candidate of the Socialist Party, who began in
    1928, famously said, “I no longer need to run as a presidential candidate for
    the Socialist Party.  The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”
    Enough said. Just as the devil focuses his divisive efforts within the church
    because that is where the power is, Marxists concentrate their efforts on the
    political power source of the resistance to their agenda. As within the church,
    if you can capture the leaders, you capture a whole denomination. So, it is in
    a political party.

    All politics are local; wolves in sheep’s clothing are running in every
    Republican primary race in the Bitterroot Valley today. Few democrats are running. The
    Dems don’t need to; many Republicans are captured, uniparty loyalists. Yet, a
    few true Americans are still willing to pledge their lives, liberty, and sacred
    honor to restore and secure their God-given rights. You can identify them
    pretty quickly. They will also ask to debate their opponents and repeatedly be
    denied or ignored. They are the candidates shunned by the party establishment.
    They stand in the breach against those who seek nothing more than power and
    status that they believe they deserve at your expense. They lack funding and
    rely on you and me to fund their campaigns. Their opponents will face no such

    The challenge to the voter is to discover who the candidates really are.
    Much like removing the layers of an onion, true character is under the surface.
    Often, a person's character is revealed only when pressure is applied. When you
    squeeze a lemon, what do you get? Lemon juice. Why? Because that’s what’s in
    it! How can this pressure be applied? DEBATES! Once the centerpiece of
    politics, debates are becoming a rare occurrence on the political stage.

    In our system of government, the government gains power only one way: it
    takes yours. You, the voter, are the prey!

    Beware! The game is afoot.

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    Doug Bohn

    Doug Bohn lives in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. He has been a resource-based community activist since Agenda 21 was only a conspiracy theory. His efforts were key in preserving Montanan's rights by stopping six wilderness bills in the 80s & 90s working alongside US Senator Conrad Burns. As an America First patriot, he dedicates his talents to the Ravalli County Republican Central Committee.

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    Not a resident of Montana but I see your point. We have the best politicians money can buy and they don't even try to hide it any more.Every time we citizens try to correct that abuse, the courts knock us down. Strive all you want but money talks and BS walks.

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