• Nation's Demise No Longer Stuff Of Hollywood Fiction

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    February 23, 2024
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    by Brig Gen (ret) Blaine Holt, Newsmax Contributor

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    Kurt Russell’s fictional character, Snake Plissken, in the 1981 movie "Escape from New York," was a hero to Generation X’ers.

    Director John Carpenter opened our sci-fi eyes to a dystopian view of 1997, where the Big Apple was given up on and walled off as a massive prison colony where only the strongest survive and brutality has no limits.

    In 22 hours, Snake rescues the president of the United States, but not before a raptured audience sees The Big Apple disintegrate on celluloid into a hellscape as civil society breaks down.

    World War III against Russia rages on as Snake saves the day for a deep state government that got what it demanded from him.

    We walked away from the movie mesmerized by 1980’s-era special effects confident in the fictional drama that such a destiny would never be reality in America.

    Who would believe such a thing?

    New scene, updated to Manhattan, 2024 . . .

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