• We're Learning More About That Viral Parental Custody Case in Montana

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    February 3, 2024
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    Spencer Brown | February 02, 2024 1:45 PM (Townhall.com)

    The following article is published on Townhall.com, and we provided a critical update at the end.

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    Montana's Republican Governor Greg Gianforte is pushing back against criticism lobbed at him amid claims that his state removed a teenager from parental custody because they did not indulge the minor's gender dysphoria.

    Understandably, in cases such as this dealing with a minor, Gianforte and his administration are somewhat muzzled in what information they're allowed to divulge and what is prudent to say. (More broadly, of course, Gianforte has been outspoken and taken direct action to protect minors in his state from situations such as the one now being claimed.)

    Please read the rest of the article HERE.

    Montana Sentinel Update: What is not included in the Townhall article is the fact that Governor Gianforte vetoed House Bill 37 which would have required a court warrant before any minor can be removed from their parents. His message to the legislature explaining his reasoning is here. Our sources confirmed that the Governor vetoed the bill under pressure from the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

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